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Long-term (permanent) make-up machine Virgin
Purebeau Virgin - the beginners machine is perfest for young graduates or first-timers who have to think economically but do not want to compromise on quality.

Overview and technical specifications


  • Different manual speed settings can be set to 110-125-140 strokes in second
  • No speed fluctuations or unsteady running max precision
  • Quiet precise and effective to work with for precision and little correction work
  • Integrated colour –return protection system for complete hygiene(meets worldwide health requirements), can be sterilized in hot-air sterilizer.
  • If regular maintenance is carried out ,it impossible for dirt to get inside
  • Needle transmission 1.5 mm
  • All needle combinations are easy to attach,be it type 3-9 roun or type 3-13 flat needle combination
  • Colors- VIRGIN is ideally devised for the Purebeau LF-HICON micro-pigments


All user utensils such as needles, nozzles and pigments have been medically sterilized. All materials used during treatment, such as needle, needle nozzle, pigment in mixing jar,are for use once only and disposed of accordingly after the treatment.

Areas of application

  • Micro-pigmentation
  • Permanent make-up
  • Medical pigmentation
  • Tattoo

The design of the inside and outside parts complies with the CE standart. CE-approved in Germany by TUV Rheinland.